Medical professionals have long sought significantly more effective, pain-free and affordable treatments for burns and chronic or acute wounds. TherGenTM combines the therapeutic benefits of Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) with the unique ability to apply an adherent layer of collagen alone, or potentially with growth factors or other biomolecules, directly to wound surfaces in via a non-contact procedure. The resulting coating creates a conformal derma-patch consisting solely of the treatment materials. The combination of the cold plasma and the collagen layer may potentially reduce infection and have a therapeutic benefit to potentially promote cell proliferation, angiogenesis and faster healing.


Skin Treatment with Bonded Therapeutic Biomolecule Coatings

Laser Skin Resurfacing is used for deep wrinkle, scar, benign lesion and mole removal. Deep Chemical Peels are utilized for skin resurfacing to treat acne, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and scars.  Treatments are painful, may become infected and have long and painful healing “downtime” which results in patients being out of work for significant of time.  In many cases the downtime results in patients declining the procedure. Reduced downtime would be of great benefit to patients and dermatologists by potentially reduce infection and promote faster healing.



Traumatic or burn wounds present major ER challenges with inadequate available treatments. Surgical site infections are the second most frequent adverse event in hospitals and their treatments lack adequate efficacy, resulting in significantly increased treatment time with high costs to the healthcare system.


Chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), venous leg ulcers (VLU) and pressure ulcers, are global health problems. Over 25 million patients are projected globally to experience infected DFU’s with the annual US cost exceeding $10B. Current treatments are highly expensive, inadequately effective and do not prevent the onset of infection.

Collagen Coating of Living Tissue with Low Temperature Plasma

Recent clinical results have shown that Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) alone, without the addition of biologic coatings, is beneficial in the treatment of chronic ulcers by reducing microbial infection of the wound bed while promoting angiogenesis and cell proliferation, resulting in improved wound healing.  A preclinical trial was undertaken to validate combining CAP with TheraWound™ deposited pure collagen using an experimental device on hypoglycemic rabbits.  The healing rates in response to treating simulated diabetic wounds were examined. The study showed that TheraWound™ significantly  enhanced rates (p < 0.05) of angiogenesis and wound closure without any indication of negative side effects.

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