The TheraDep Solution

TheraDep™ Technologies addresses the profound medical need for an entirely new method of local, targeted, non-systemic delivery of a broad range of pure, active biologic materials or drugs. TheraDep can potentially provide affordable treatment for numerous medical conditions and impact the performance of certain medical devices.  TheraDep Technologies has a primary goal to achieve a new advancement in medical science with a unique therapeutic modality – the capability to ionically bond a broad spectrum of active bio-materials directly to human tissue or to a medical device surface.

TheraDep combines the therapeutic benefits of Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) with the unique ability to form a coating through applying an adherent layer of biomolecules, alone or in combination with other biomolecules or drugs. In a single activation and deposition step, the coatings are covalently bonded directly to a device surface or onto soft or hard tissue in via a non-contact procedure. The coating creates a patch consisting solely of the applied materials. The TheraDep™ process can eventually be developed for  endoscopic procedures. The coatings are chemically cross-linked and bound to the surface without the use of other linker agents or aggressive chemicals through a dry, ambient temperature process.


What is Plasma?

  • The 4th state of matter
  • The most common state in the universe
  • The Sun is a big ball of high energy plasma

Plasma is a gas that has been energized

  • Electrons break loose from atoms
  • The gas is ionized Equal number of positive charged ions and negative ions
  • Charged particles with kinetic energy

Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) is low energy plasma at 40°C


Plasma is the fourth state of matter (after solids, liquids and gases), consisting of electrically charged, high energy gases. Plasma Medicine is the rapidly emerging field of medical technology that uses Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) to treat living tissue and medical device surfaces. It is an antiseptic treatment that safely kills bacteria, biofilms and viruses while inducing coagulation and cell proliferation to heal wounds.  Clinical results have shown CAP can successfully treat patients with chronic ulcers and reduce microbial infections of the wound bed.

TheraDep is the result of five years of research and validation by leading cold plasma scientists. The process can potentially influence the medical practice of wound treatment to impact a broad range of therapies. It combines cold plasma therapy with TheraDep’s unique ability to simultaneously deposit a wide array of biopolymers, singularly or in combinations, targeted directly to treatment sites. Equipment and operating expenses are projected to be low while treatment procedures can be simple and brief.